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Beyond by Andpeople AB (Andpeople) is located in Sweden but are working with global consultancy with international clients. We are specialized in providing strategic advice, analysis and professional development related to the digital transformation in combination with the current operational business.

Our team has a long experience with small entrepreneurial companies as well as large listed groups with international business. We help our clients to continuously improve operational business and we train leaders with strong focus on leadership, corporate culture, digital thinking and innovation.

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With You

Together with our clients we help them find potential opportunities for value creation and growth in understanding new technology and a network society. We audit IS/IT landscape and provide support to be compliant with for instance GDPR in order to eliminate risks.

We work with group management, local management teams, team leaders, white collars and blue collars to create a red thread and get momentum through a value based culture where everybody understand and can connect to the WHY.

We have a network of experts with knowledge in new technology.

Meet the team



Anne-lie Almqvist

CEO & Founder



Susanne Haegerstam

Customer Success & Founder



Carin Ljung

Customer Success

Core Values

Beyond with Culture & Technology

  • Leadership, tech and value creation in a complex landscape
  • Go beyond with methods matching human needs with new technology

Passion for business

  • Viable business strategies that can be converted into customer value and market opportunities
  • Business models with platforms and value creation in network effects

Time for value

  • Time for innovations creating energy and pride
  • Balance in life for long term sustainability

Some clients we work with

Strategic Partnerships


The Challenge

Translating new technology into strategies and decoding the unknown (X) in a complex landscape where we can’t rely on historical assumptions. Developing leadership and organization in order to meet new customer demands and humans in a network society.

The Solution

Decode the complex in a global connected world where we develop and plan for the future at the same time as ongoing business improves.
Use the drive in people to find a new approach creating potential in the business with assets you already have or didn't even know you needed.

The Result

Be able to drive the business today and at the same time develop new business models for tomorrow. Build strategic partnerships in a network society and eliminate risks in a global connected world.
To be a culture of employees and leaders that safely navigates and take action in a volatile constantly changing world.

Are you ready?

How do we analyze a complex connected world and bring into our strategies?

How do we develop safe leaders in a world of uncertainties?

How do we develop a digital mindset in our day to day operations?

How do we get safe employees so the core competence stays in the business and feel motivation instead of fear?

We are ready

The future doesn’t just turn up - someone creates it. Why not together with us?

A way to your success?

People & Culture

  • Decisions
    Global view in decisions

    Leaders who are constantly updated and can work strategically in a global network society. Having the skills to see behavioral changes due to technology development and analyze the long term trends. Develop the confidence to navigate safely in an uncertain environment and build strong networks.

  • Values
    Value based culture

    Innovative business culture that attracts, develops & allows employees to constantly improve and find solutions and opportunities. A culture where people work together and create security and self-confidence.

  • Leadership
    Future leadership & employeeship

    Leaders who work to ensure that employees can be their best version of themselves with the help of driving forces, collaboration, empathy, civil courage and a genuine interest in human behavior.

  • Digital & physical world
    Connecting digital & physical world

    Understand technology development in a societal perspective and what it does with human behavior to develop the business. To have a mix of digital and human tools in the business for increased customer and employee experience.

HOW? Customized partnerships, trainings, or open seminars and workshops

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Digital development

  • Decisions
    Global view in decisions

    Leaders who are constantly updated and can work strategically in a global network society. Having the skills to see behavioral changes due to technology development and analyze the long term trends. Develop the confidence to navigate safely in an uncertain environment and build strong networks.

  • Network society
    Value creation in a network society

    The success of connecting people, development in technology & finance as well as open source to create new values and not just improve the existing value. The ability to create trust in ecosystems and platforms that move borders in the industry.

  • Designing future
    Innovative culture designing the future

    Innovative business culture that has leadership, methods and abilities to find solutions and opportunities in existing operations while creating future activities.

  • Strategic partnerhips
    Strategic partnerships & integrity in a connected world

    Access to diversity in perspective and collaboration through networks and partnerships for the development of both business and people. Risk elimination with safe behavior based on ethics, integrity and cyber security.

HOW? Customized partnerships, trainings, or open seminars and workshops

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  • Swedish business culture
    Knowledge to navigate in Swedish society and in Swedish business culture

    Visual Swedish culture, unspoken rules in society and subconscious parts of Swedish culture but also the local business culture and the history behind it

  • Swedish language
    Customized situation-based language training for personal life and professional life

    Most important professional vocabulary in daily work. Everyday Swedish to be able to handle everything from the social situations at the ”swedish fika” table to putting words on emotions. Possibilities to "jump right in" an ongoing conversation in Swedish even if you do not fully understand the topic.

  • Business culture
    Leaders & employees with a focus on business culture & inclusion

    Language, business culture and work content interact so relationships are built through a sense of participation with a focus on opportunities. Leaders and employees supporting with clear links to strategies and skills needs in the business.

  • Blended learning
    Blended learning for joy, commitment and confidence

    Well considered integration of face-to-face environments and digital content, to create an interactive learning through inspiring sessions, gamification, music & digital tools.

HOW? Price: 168.000 for 10 people ie SEK 16.800 SEK per person. We also create groups with employees from different businesses.

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Coming events & trainings

Digital development and the future of leadership - start 3rd of September 2019

  • Mindset

    Are you facing challenges how you digitally can transform parts of your business? Do you know how to approach and act on it? Are you worried that you won't be able to keep up and that it will be difficult for leaders and employees? We give you concrete knowledge and tools to ensure that you focus on what is important and get up to speed with sustainable leadership and committed employees. We offer four occasions where we at a deeper level combine lectures, study visits, joint work with real case and individual reflections on value creation in our own professional role. 67% of business executives who have participated thought the training was VERY GOOD and 78% say that it is VERY LIKELY that they recommend others to attend it

WHERE? In the Jönköping area

WHEN? Four full days Tuesday 3rd of September, Tuesday-Wednesday 1st to 2nd of October and Monday 11th of November

HOW? Price: 19.900 SEK per person


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Access to talent

We are looking for access to young and older talents. People who has passion to share ideas and realize awesome works with us.

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No matter if you are a global public group, local enterpreneur, a fresh start-up or just someone with an idea or an unfinished idea about a project. You should send us an email.

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